From: "Craig A. Berry"

> Steven M. Schweda wrote:
> > Anyone with a burning desire to use GNU Diffutils (cmp, diff, diff3,
> > sdiff) on a VMS system, might wish to consider this attempt:
> >
> >
> >
> > I'm not claiming any particular level of quality, but it seems to do
> > some basic stuff well enough for me.

> Me too. Thanks for taking the time to put the kit together.

Nice of you to say so.

> I use GNU
> diff frequently and think I will finally replace the 2.7.2 version I've
> been depending on for some years. I did notice this kit does not honor
> extended parse gets the same behavior.

Right about the DECC$various logical names. [.VMSLIB]VMS.C contains
the same chunk of code I always use to set some of the DECC$various
things in a LIB$INITIALIZE routine. They're named in an array, so, if
you're willing (and able) to compile the source, you can adjust as
desired (add, subtract, override) pretty easily. DECC$ARGV_PARSE_STYLE
may be the only one which really needs to be in LIB$INITIALIZE, but it's
convenient to do them all together. It's so easy to tack this stuff
onto any normal application that I'm always annoyed by HP-supplied
software which doesn't do it (SSH, for example). I've gotten quite
accustomed to not quoting upper-case-containing command-line options
(like "-V") on my own code, so it's always a disappointment when some
lame HP product can't handle it.


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