From: JF Mezei

> As an outspoken critic of HP's handling of VMS, I am flaberghasted to
> see people complain about HP updating Mozilla on VMS with a newer
> version (Seamonkey is just a new version of Mozilla that sports a new
> name,

It's a mystery to me, too. I realize that I provide little or no
direct income to HP, so my preferences may matter little to them, but I
certainly don't wish to run a second computer just to do basic Web
browsing. (It's annoying enough to be forced to fire up the Mac to
watch the daily Peep show

> just like Mozilla was an upgrade from Netscape with better HTML
> rendering and more memory leaks).

Not exactly.

And remember, it's spelled N-e-t-s-c-a-p-e,
but it's pronounced "Mozilla."

"about:mozilla" has worked for a long time, too, for example.


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