>Don North wrote:

> >Dom Storey wrote:

>> How does a hobbyist get hold of RT11V5.07 nowadays? DEC sold to
>> Mentec, who where purchased by Calyx who don't seem to have any
>> offerings of RT11 anywhere on the site.
>> Has RT11 passed into 'abandonware' now...? Does anyone have a copy
>> that I can obtain?
>> many thanks Dominic

> Probably not 'abandonware', but it is very unobtainium, at least legally,
> at this point in time. Probably your only real alternative is to find a
> binary copy of the media from someone who is willing to sell it (eBay,
> a dealer, whatever). Mentec-Inc in the US (the 'owner' of RT11/RSTS/RSX)
> has apparently ceased operations for at least the last two years or so.
> Look at: http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.mentec-inc.com
> The last online business presence was in Aug 2006 after which their
> website
> went inactive. They don't return emails and the phones are disconnected.

Jerome Fine replies:

For commercial users (I presume that means that they are willing to pay the
big over $ US 3000 to run legally), a bit of perseverance yields both a
to purchase the license as well as the distribution. The DOC set may be a
problem, however that can also be resolved, privately if need be since I
know where to locate an original DOC set.

With respect to fixing any bugs or implementing any enhancements, payment
is also required as well as far as Mentec is concerned, although it may not
be possible to have Mentec actually do the work.

Why are you interested in V05.07 of RT-11? V05.03 of RT-11 is legally
allowed to be run under SIMH - as far as I know, Mentec will not object
to hobby users doing so. The only noticeable advantages are Y2K dates
and extended device drivers for DU(X).SYS and LD(X).SYS which allow
up to 64 devices to be recognized rather than just 8 devices.

If you want any bugs in RT-11 fixed, I can fix most of them. I can also
almost all enhancements that you might want. Are you a commercial user
or a
hobby user?

A hobby user will have to beg, borrow or otherwise find their own source
for the V05.07 RT-11 binary distribution. In about 10 more years, maybe
Mentec will have become tired of the whole situation and allow hobby users
to run V05.07 of RT-11 along with access to all of the commented source

So at the moment, I understand that Mentec will not object to the use of
to run V05.03 (and prior) versions of RT-11. You can find a CD image at:
Just down load RT11DV10.ISO.zip and UnZip the ISO file, then burn the
CD. Alternatively, run SIMH and:

If you need help to run RT-11 at that point, please ask.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine