As I posted last month on ITRC and will repeat again here as suggested
by one of the respondents ...

For some years, now, we have nursed along an OpenVMS port of Ruby
1.8.2 when its original maintainer from HP in Japan stopped working on
it. It is far behind the latest stable release (1.8.7), does not have
a proper build system, is not packaged in a proper distribution kit,
but works well enough for our purposes. (We have successfully deployed
some Rails applications with it.) The code is here:

We do not have the resources to be the maintainers. We are doing the
job merely out of necessity. We would like to contact someone at HP to
see if anyone there has an interest in supporting this project.

Here are the Ruby committer's thoughts about OpenVMS support from
their developer's camp this summer:

In short, OpenVMS is currently on their "not supported" list, but
could be at "best effort" support level if it had a maintainer.

Is anyone here interested in the job? Would someone please let me know
who I should contact at HP about this?