Using SDA to check LAN device counters is pretty heavy going. This is much

$ mcr lancp show device/counters

Sure it doesn't give you as much information -- but it's usually enough to
identify a link-level problem.

See also

$ mcr lancp show device/characteristics

for speed/duplex etc.


Jeremy Begg

>>I just read some information about the DI524 router, and noticed that it
>>says that it does PPPoE. If your DSL provider uses PPPoE, then you will
>>need a router that does this as MultiNet does not do PPPoE.

>This is easily tested. Hook up a PC that will work directly connected
>to your dslModem. On your PC use Wireshark to capture packets on the
>ethernet interface. You can then look to see if it is plain ethernet
>or PPPoE.

>When you plug in the Alpha directly to the dslModem do you get the link
>light on the Alpha Ethernet interface? You should also get a link light
>on the dslModem. On the Alpha you can look at the hardware interface
>statistics by doing:

>$ analyze/system

>OpenVMS (TM) Alpha system analyzer

>SDA> sho lan/full


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