>I just read some information about the DI524 router, and noticed that it
>says that it does PPPoE. If your DSL provider uses PPPoE, then you will
>need a router that does this as MultiNet does not do PPPoE.

This is easily tested. Hook up a PC that will work directly connected
to your dslModem. On your PC use Wireshark to capture packets on the
ethernet interface. You can then look to see if it is plain ethernet
or PPPoE.

When you plug in the Alpha directly to the dslModem do you get the link
light on the Alpha Ethernet interface? You should also get a link light
on the dslModem. On the Alpha you can look at the hardware interface
statistics by doing:

$ analyze/system

OpenVMS (TM) Alpha system analyzer

SDA> sho lan/full


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