A FYI for those of you who, like me, missed this a couple of months back: -
Silverlight has introduced native Socket support with version 2 (which looks
to be in about its second beta release). Sadly, only TCP at present but I'm
sure UDP and multicast won't be far off. Please see Microsoft's
system.net.sockets for more.

Another thing I found interesting was that the other Adobe functionality
that I dearly love (the Flex to Javascript FABridge) appears to have been
emulated via Microsoft's "HTML Bridge". Think - "Java Sockets have more
functionality, and I still can push the results over to Silverlight for

So with Microsoft fully supporting Silverlight on Windows *and* OS X (and
that 3rd party Linux freeware thing) one finds oneself enviably spoilt for
choice when it comes to SUN Java Applets, Adobe Flex, or Microsoft
Silverlight. (In addition to the standard HTML/Javascript/CSS options.) as
the GUI offerings for your trusted VMS servers. *It just doesn't get any
better than this!* (You pointless IFDL, DECWindows, EDT, TECO pieces of ****

Imagine: -

.. Rock Solid VMS performance, disaster tolerance, and security
.. Huge heritage of business-rules, data, and 3GL code
.. Internet- Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, (and the also rans) as a launch-agent
.. (JavaScript, HTML, Java, Flex, Silverlight) as your GUI and the world is
.. VMS applications fully integrated with your web-facing *nix or IIS

I mean "What's it all about eh???"

.. SUN "We like" Java Applet Socket Support
.. Adobe "We like" Flex Socket Support
.. Microsoft "We like" Silverlight Socket support
.. HTML5 "We like" "bollocks :-(" [Web]socket support

You can front-end your existing *and future* VMS 3GL +/- Rdb (or Orrible
Oracle) code with all of this amazing technology, *and you can do it today!*

TIER3 - Be upstanding you ignorant swine, for you are in the presence of

Or maybe you can rock-up to the technical update days and listen to how
great Java on VMS is? How great SOAP is 'cos Eric IONA, Doh! Progress Doh!
says it is? How great WSIT is and how all of those VMS/3GL sites are
flocking to it and not abandoning their beloved OS in droves? How millions
of license payer dollars were not really lost on Bridgeworks 'cos this is
America and with the stroke of a pen the incumbents can insist that they did
nothing wrong while socializing the losses after having privatised the
profits for so many years?

You have the constitutional and God-given right to bear arms; maybe it's
time VMS middle management were made aware of your willingness to exercise
that right?

Cheers Richard Maher