MultiNet ECO kit announcement

The following ECO kit is now available for MultiNet:

ECO: NAMED-060_A052
Description: Implement ISC patch for performance issues; Multiple other fixes
Release date: 17-SEP-2008
Ranking: 1
Max ranking: 0
Versions: V5.2A
Requisites: UCXDRIVER-010_A052

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The ECO kit README contents are below.

NAMED-060_A052 - NAMED ECO kit Rev 6.0 for MultiNet V5.2A 03-Sep-2008

Copyright 2008 Process Software, LLC

This kit updates MultiNet version 5.2 Rev A with the 9.4.2-p2 version
of the Bind 9 Nameserver (NAMED.EXE).

The ranking for this ECO is 1. The overall ranking for it is 0.

NAMED-060_A052 -- ECO Rank 1
The following changes have been made in this kit:

- Restore automatic forging of A records for Cluster Service hosts when
the MULTINET_CLUSTER_SERVICE_NAMES logical is defined. (D/E 10509)

** PLEASE NOTE ** If your existing configuration includes a
zone definition with A records for cluster service members,
and you have defined the MULTINET_CLUSTER_SERVICE_NAMES
logical, you may see a duplicate zone error message when
the nameserver attempts to load the configuration. Either
comment out the zone file definition or deassign the logical

- Corrects problem where the lowest rated node did not have a load
rating displayed by the netcontrol domain show function. (D/E 10765)

- Implement latest ISC patch to address performance issues in the
9.4.2-p1 release. (D/E 10767)

- Corrects file lock error with the netcontrol domain reload function.
(D/E 10778)

This kit also includes the following changes from previous ECOs:

- Implement latest ISC security patch. ISC released 9.4.2-p1 to
combat a potential attack exploiting weaknesses in the DNS
protocol which can enable the poisoning of caching recursive
resolvers with spoofed data.
(D/E 10750 ECO NAMED-050_A052)

- Corrected problem with Nameserver Rewrite-TTL variable
(D/E 10749 ECO NAMED-050_A052)

- Corrects a problem with cluster services/load balancing introduced by
the NAMED-030_A052 ECO.
(D/E 10744 ECO NAMED-040_A052) ECO Rank: 3

- implement recent ISC security update to fix the Cache
Poisoning problem which could result in pharming attacks when
the nameserver is configured as caching-only.
(D/E 10556 ECO NAMED-030_A052) ECO Rank: 0

- correct logging problem where specifying a file version limit
could cause the nameserver to crash
(D/E 10550 ECO NAMED-020_A052) ECO Rank: 2

- correct possible locking/cpu usage issues on VAX platforms
(ECO NAMED-020_A052) ECO Rank: 2

- RNDC-CONFGEN image installed as part of Nameserver tool base
(ECO NAMED-020_A052) ECO Rank: 2

- corrected problem with handling of type 0/invalid class queries
(D/E 10528 ECO NAMED-010_A052) ECO Rank: 2

- corrected version number problem with local database files, will
no longer create multiple file versions after zone transfers
(D/E 10527 ECO NAMED-010_A052) ECO Rank: 2

- RNDC image installed as part of Nameserver tool base
(D/E 10523 ECO NAMED-010_A052) ECO Rank: 2

- corrected problem where Nameserver could crash/hang with "UDP
client handler shutting down" message
(D/E 10519 ECO NAMED-010_A052) ECO Rank: 2

- allow debug log file to be accessed while Nameserver is running

- corrected intermittent problem with netcontrol domain restart

Note: For further information on using RNDC, we recommend referring
to O'Reilly's DNS and BIND, 4th Edition.

To run RNDC or RNDC-CONFGEN, define symbols:

$ rndc :== $multinet:rndc.exe
$ rndcconfgen :== $multinet:rndc-confgen.exe

You need to restart the Nameserver for these changes to take effect. The
following commands will do it:

$ multinet netcontrol domain shutdown
$ @multinet:start_server restart

[End of ECO announcement]