From: Malcolm Dunnett

> > Judging from all the non-space-separated colons, it's pretty clear
> > that no one tests this stuff on VMS. At least not using MMK or MMS. At
> > a glance, I'd guess that some actual work would be needed to make it go.

> Ah, I didn't realize MMK needed space-separated colons (I'm just an
> "end user" when it comes to makefiles). That certainly explains the
> syntax errors.

Some of them.

The convention for UNIX "make" files is no space, but MMK and MMS
demand a space to let the user specify a (VMS) colon-separated device
name, something not found on UNIX. Anyone who doesn't use the
VMS-accomodating space clearly isn't VMS-aware, so when you see problems
like this, it's pretty likely that there will be other VMS-related
problems, too.

> Maybe I'll take a look at what it would take, OTOH the current VMS
> kit seems to do what I need (I just thought I'd update if one was available)

Looks to me like a significant project, but at one time, VMS was
supported, so you could get lucky.