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> > For those that may not have run into this writeup on DLT:
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> I switched from DLT4 to LTO3 about 3 months ago, and the performance
> is great. Backup times were reduced by 50%. Only bad comment is
> that we have had an issue with the loader being unable to extract a
> tape cassette from a given slot and load it into a drive. HP says
> it is a known problem however thsy are unable to offer any real
> solution except to "exercise" the cassettes manually, (i.e. insert and
> remove the cassette a few times) before finally inserting it into the
> library.
> Although it seems cluedgy, since we started doing this we have had no
> reoccurrence of the problem (touch wood), which previously was
> happening approximately once each week, and coincidentally, always in
> the same slot (although we don't use that many of our slots).
> Finally, it seems that the exercising doesnt necessarily have to be
> done in the slot the tape is destined for, it can be done in the mail
> slot. Even if it is subsequently move to an internal slot, the
> problem doesn't seem to occur after applying the HP solution.
> Dave

What is capacity of LTO3 vs DLT4?
What is media cost per cartridge?
What is media cost (approx) per gigabyte?

Is the 50% due to drive transfer rate or media density or combo or ?