In article , Michael Austin writes:
> Simon Clubley wrote:
>> The OP should also be aware that although a machine check is usually a
>> hardware issue, it can be caused by a faulty device driver as well.
>> Personal experience here: I have caused VMS to issue machine checks while
>> I have been developing VMS device drivers in the past.
>> Simon.

> While I would agree that one can cause MCHK with a device driver, on a
> system that has been in use for years without change (as stated by the
> OP), I would have to say that it is either a PS or possibly memory. I
> would check the logfiles for ECC errors as well. Not having access to
> the full error logs, diagnosing will be an exercise in divination.

The OP mentioned that workloads had been increasing, so I wondered if
a load related or general timing bug was been triggered.

However, I agree that the likely cause is hardware.

If the OP's still around, it would be interesting to know what the root
cause turned out to be.


Simon Clubley,
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