On Sep 2, 12:26*pm, Malcolm Dunnett wrote:
> I have an rx2600 running VMS 8.3. It has a SmartArray 5300 controller in it.
> I have installed WEBES V5.0 and ACUXE V6.40-11P09.
> Right after the initial install everything was working as expected, I
> got an Icon on the device home page of WEBES that linked me to the
> ACU-XE page and I could view/manage the SmartArray Controller.
> Now I am no longer seeing the icon for ACU-XE (I still get a box in the
> icon position with the text "Array Configuration Utility XE" and the
> little red X (missing image) symbol. If the ACU-XE agent is running and
> I click on this box I get "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"
> (the url ishttps://myhost.my.domain:2381/ACU-XE/ACU-XE.htm). If the
> agent is not running I get a proper webpage telling me the agent is not
> currently enabled.
> It would seem some ACUXE files have gone missing, or I'm missing a
> logical pointing to where they should be.
> Anyone else seen this, any ideas where I should look would be appreciated..
> Thanks in advance.

did you make any changes to the system disk? Change device name,
allocation class, device naming, or do anything to the SSL or SNMP

We had a similar issue in '06 with SA5300s in DS10s. The
braindead ROM configurator was unable to make a smaller partition on a
mirror set, so we built VMS on a full size mirror, loaded ACU-XE and
requirements, used that to recarve the other drives, then backed up to
a standalone drive so we could use ACU-XE to partition the system disk
mirror (ACU-XE will not perform operations on the VMS boot device even
if its a drive provided by the array controller).

After that nothing worked. There are apparently hard coded
references somewhere in the kit. We removed WBEM, management agents,
TCPIP, ACU-XE and reinstalled and reconfigured all of them, but kept
getting either no ACU-XE icon or else it would crash when we tried to
run it.

In the end we reinstalled VMS from scratch on the partition, and
coincidentally upgraded to the newer management agents and ACU-XE that
had just become available, and it worked again. I believe those are
the versions you have running.

We were never able to determine what caused the failures, only
that changing the system disk name/alloclass caused an unrecoverable
situation for ACU-XE, and Smartarray controllers are crap (albeit fast
crap) compared to the HS series.