TCPware ECO kit announcement

The following ECO kit is now available for TCPware:

Description: Implement latest ISC security patch; Correct I64 install error in NAMED_V572P011
Release date: 20-AUG-2008
Ranking: 0
Max ranking: 0
Versions: 5.7-2

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The ECO kit README contents are below.

NAMED_V572P012 - NAMED ECO kit Rev 1.2 for TCPware 5.7-2 20-AUG-2008

Copyright 2008 Process Software, LLC

This ECO kit provides a new version (8.2.1-p1) of the following file
for TCPWare 5.7-2:


The following changes have been made in this kit:

NAMED-V572P012 -- ECO Rank 3
- Corrects problems installing the kit on Integrity.

This kit also includes :

NAMED-V572P011 -- ECO Rank 0
- Corrects a problem introduced with the -P010 kit. Fixes utilization
of random ports. (D/E 10768)

NAMED_V572P010 -- ECO Rank 0
The following changes have been made in this kit:

- Implement latest ISC security patch. ISC released updates to
combat a potential attack exploiting weaknesses in the DNS
protocol which can enable the poisoning of caching recursive
resolvers with spoofed data.
(D/E 10750)

The old version of TCPWARE:NAMED.EXE will be renamed to

To restart NameD after install, use:

Once installed, you may undo this patch by renaming the files back to

[End of ECO announcement]