From: (Bob Koehler)

> In article <48a3e355$0$90274$>, "R.A.Omond" writes:
> > Are you saying that you still have SETI running on VMS ?
> > I was under the impression that since the arrival of BOINC this was
> > no longer possible.

> You can still run SETI, but since the arrival of BIONC no one may
> be looking at the results.

Yeah, _if_ you have your own radio telescope to provide the input
data, so that you can produce those results at which no one will look.

I tried to adapt BOINC when it bacame a SETI@home requirement, but
found too many non-trivial shortcomings in the VMS C RTL (shmget, et
al.) and C++ standard library IOStreams (G_FLOAT on Alpha, IEEE on IA64)
to overcome. Apparently, no one uses (used?) C++ for floating-point
work on both hardware types, and expected to share the data. (Building
cURL with IEEE_FLOAT was easy enough, as I recall.) Someone with
greater character might have kept at it, but when I got to the C++
library problem on Alpha, I threw in the towel. (Now that I have a
zx2000, I suppose that all I'd need to do would be to write the
shared-memory infrastructure, and then I could advance to the next,
still-unknown brick wall.)


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