From: David J Dachtera

> What are other AIX sites using to keep scripts, cron jobs, printer
> definitions, etc. in-sync across multiple LPARs? We have 10 LPARs right
> now, not counting a NIM server which has yet to be built.

Files? Rsync seems to be popular on UNIX (-like) systems.

> When I've asked in other fora, about the only response I got involved
> RSYNC. We don't want to deal with NFS on that scale, so I'm looking for
> something uses RSH, SSH, RCP, SCP or ??? instead (preferably some SSL
> implementaion).

I know nothing, but what does rsync have to do with NFS?

There are two different ways for rsync to contact a remote system: using
a remote-shell program as the transport (such as ssh or rsh) or
contacting an rsync daemon directly via TCP. The remote-shell transport
is used whenever the source or destination path contains a
single colon ( separator after a host specification. Contacting an
rsync daemon directly happens when the source or destination path
contains a double colon (: separator after a host specification, OR
when an rsync:// URL is specified (see also the "USING
exception to this latter rule).

I search in vain for any reference to NFS.


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