From: David J Dachtera


-V -w -D -8

I get the first two. Why only "8" instead of "9"? Why /NODIRNAMES
(-D)? Since version 6.0d, UnZip on VMS will try (with some success, I
believe[*]) to restore directory attributes, but it won't have much to
work with if the directories are not included in the archive.



Related to above, I'd add /RESTORE (-X) (or /RESTORE = OWNER_PROT,
depending on the version).
[*] One recently reported bug afflicts a case where only directories (no
plain files) are restored, but version 6.0e (and up) should be
completely bug-free.


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The UN*X equivalent would be a GZIPped tarball.

Dunno if that can help you, but it may be something to consider.