Just setup SSH on my system. VMS 8.2, TCPIP 5.6

Using "Reflection for UNIX and VMS"
version 14.0 on the client (Win-XP).

One session is just fine, but when I open a new
reflection Windows and try to login, both
sessions are logged off.

file says :

> Thu 07 23:02:30 ERROR: FATAL ERROR: GETPTY ast_pending:1
> dsa10:[sys0.syscommon.][sysexe]tcpip$ssh_sshd2.exe[38229]:
> FATAL: GETPTY ast_pending:1
> %TCPIP-F-SSH_FATAL, non-specific fatal error condition

No problem as long as I use only one session.

Any thoughts ?

Using plain telnet using multiple sessions is
no problem at all.