I think it's PMDF week at VSM ... I have another problem to solve.
This is on PMDF 6.3 under Alpha and Integrity.

A number of users have mobile phones with which they send and receive email.
The phones are set up to use IMAP over SSL to connect to the user's
mailbox (VMS MAIL served by PMDF), and to send SMTP over SSL via PMDF.

Some of these users want to have a automatic copy of all mail they send from
the phone. Unfortunately the phones don't have this capability, so I have
been asked if it could be done by PMDF.

My guess is that it's possible, I'm just not sure of the right way to do it.
Note that we can positively identify incoming mail from these users because
of the way the incoming connection is made.

Has anyone done anything like this?

Here are some of things I thought might be worth investigating further.
(I'm confident I can do option 1, and could probably make options 2 & 3
work. I suspect there are limitations in SIEVE which would make option 4
impractical, and I suspect option 5 would result in one message copy per
recipient address. I don't know if option 6 is even possible, let alone

1. Write a channel and invoke it via a SCRIPT mapping.

2. Use the MESSAGE-SEND-COPY mapping to save a copy of the message file to a
directory, and arrange for some DCL to process the files in that directory.

3. Similar to (3), but using a SCRIPT mapping and the script channel.

4. Use SIEVE (via a channel filter), having the 'redirect' operator redirect
the message to the user's mailbox as well as to the intended recipients.

5. Use a FORWARD mapping with USE_FORWARD_DATABASE=16 to append the sender's
email address to the envelope-to address.

6. Header trimming to add a header?

Comments, anyone? (And no, they don't want to buy new phones nor are they
about to go the Blackberry route.)


Jeremy Begg

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