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> Scott Dorsey skrev:
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>> madcrow wrote:
>>> Let's assume, for a moment, that Mentec US really is dead and gone and
>>> that whoever owns the IP now (either HP or Calyx) has no interest in
>>> selling licenses anymore and were willing to either sell the IP to the
>>> community or to open source it themselves... What license would you
>>> want and why?

>> Me, personally? I would want a hobbyist license with precisely the same
>> terms that are offered for VMS.
>> Other folks out there using the systems for machine tool control
>> might want
>> a lot more support than that, and I bet they'd be willing to pay for
>> it too.
>> --scott

> Well, if someone wants support for RSX, they can contact me.

For RT-11 support, I am always available. Leave a post here or
at classiccmp.org since the spam harvesters don't leave us alone.
You can also remove the ten characters which follow the 'at' if
you want to send a private e-mail.

Does anyone want to participate in a V05.08 for RT-11? Thus
far I have not found even one person expressing any interest. But
at least a few suggestions of additional enhancements would be

And bugs are just as interesting, perhaps better! The latest bugs
I found and corrected were in the MACRO / CREF interface,
but were actually caused by problems with VBGEXE and how
the SET RUN VBGEXE command works for a background
job. However, the same code is also required when MACRO
is run as a system job under VBGEXE - which is what started
the whole process in the first place. In addition to the changes
in MACRO / CREF, one additional instruction was added to

Jerome Fine