From: Dick Piccard

> We will soon be in a situation where we want to transfer about 30,000
> files (in about 2,000 directories and subdirectories) from a VMS
> server to a linux server. Life will be simpler if we can set things
> up so that the version numbers will be stripped and all letters in
> file and directory names forced to lowercase. I did not see anything
> in the HELP that looked promising.
> HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Alpha Version V5.4 - ECO 7

7? Yikes. I'm behind the times again.

> on a AlphaServer DS10 617 MHz running OpenVMS V7.3-2
> It is quite acceptable if this requires stopping,re-setting, and re-
> starting the FTP service in a specific way. I could come in during
> our maintenance window and re-start TCPIP if that is needed.

I don't know all the details here, but I'd sure be tempted to use
something like Zip+UnZip to handle this, instead of plain FTP. They
should handle the file name/version stuff as well as the text-file
format conversion (where necessary), while preserving date-time. With
the (pre-release) Zip 3.0 program, you even get command-line control
over name case adjustment on the VMS side.

If temporary storage is a problem, it can be done in pieces.


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