Looks like it worked, thanks for the information. Along with the debug
option sent by Mr. Gärtner ... I also saw that I had the
[.ssh2]identification set up incorrectly so back to Mr. Corbett's email
information and fixed it.

Thanks again!!!

06/11/2008 09:57 AM


Re: sftp setup help

Thanks for the information and details, both responses gave me more to
work with. I will check to see what format they require.

06/11/2008 09:35 AM
Please respond to


Re: sftp setup help

BILLM@safilousa.com wrote:
> I am new setting up sftp with a remote non VMS system.
> So far I did
> mu sshkeygen /ssh2 /keytype=rsa
> and generated the files below
> Private key saved to xx:[me.SSH2]id_rsa_1024_a
> Public key saved to xx:[me.SSH2]id_rsa_1024_a.pub
> I sent the .pub file to the other side and at this point it does not
> seem to be working. When contacting process support I was told that the
> key would need to be converted. Does any one have any tips on how to do
> this? Also any comments in general in general or a link to get me

> I tried
> http://www.process.com/tcpip/mndocs5...GUIDE/Ch07.htm
> and am working my way though..
> http://www.process.com/tcpip/mndocs.html

Hi Bill,

The following should help -

Here is some information on public key authentication
when the
remote side is running OpenSSH.

The keys used by OpenSSH and MultiNet (and other ssh
implementations based on the F-Secure package) are in different formats.
You will need to convert the keys to the correct format to use them.
On the Linux side you can use the ssh-keygen -e option to convert
OpenSSH keys to the RFC 4716 key file format used by
MultiNet. Here is an example that converts the default id_rsa.pub
key and then copies it to the MultiNet system -

# ssh-keygen -ef .ssh/id_rsa.pub > rfc4716.pub
# scp rfc4716.pub corbett@yoyo.process.com:ssh2/rfc4716.pub

Once this is done the authorization. file for the user corbett would
need to have a key line added to it to use the new key. For example -

key rfc4716.pub

Going the other way you can use the -i option to convert
RFC 4716 to OpenSSH key file format. Here is an example of setting
this up -

1.) create a new key pair with -

$ mu sshkeygen/ssh2/key=key_for_scp

2.) create a [.ssh2]identification. file that looks like -

$ type [.ssh2]identification.
idkey key_for_scp

4.) Use SCP to copy the key_for_scp.pub file to the other system -

$ mu scp2 [.ssh2]key_for_scp.pub -

5.) Convert the key from RFC 4716 format to an OpenSSH key file and
appended it to the authorization file -

$ mu ssh/user=childrens -
"ssh-keygen -i -f .ssh/key_for_scp.pub >> .ssh/authorized_keys2"


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