Thanks for the information and details, both responses gave me more to
work with. I will check to see what format they require.
06/11/2008 09:35 AM
Please respond to


Re: sftp setup help wrote:
> I am new setting up sftp with a remote non VMS system.
> So far I did
> mu sshkeygen /ssh2 /keytype=rsa
> and generated the files below
> Private key saved to xx:[me.SSH2]id_rsa_1024_a
> Public key saved to xx:[me.SSH2]
> I sent the .pub file to the other side and at this point it does not
> seem to be working. When contacting process support I was told that the
> key would need to be converted. Does any one have any tips on how to do
> this? Also any comments in general in general or a link to get me

> I tried
> and am working my way though..

Hi Bill,

The following should help -

Here is some information on public key authentication
when the
remote side is running OpenSSH.

The keys used by OpenSSH and MultiNet (and other ssh
implementations based on the F-Secure package) are in different formats.
You will need to convert the keys to the correct format to use them.
On the Linux side you can use the ssh-keygen -e option to convert
OpenSSH keys to the RFC 4716 key file format used by
MultiNet. Here is an example that converts the default
key and then copies it to the MultiNet system -

# ssh-keygen -ef .ssh/ >
# scp

Once this is done the authorization. file for the user corbett would
need to have a key line added to it to use the new key. For example -


Going the other way you can use the -i option to convert
RFC 4716 to OpenSSH key file format. Here is an example of setting
this up -

1.) create a new key pair with -

$ mu sshkeygen/ssh2/key=key_for_scp

2.) create a [.ssh2]identification. file that looks like -

$ type [.ssh2]identification.
idkey key_for_scp

4.) Use SCP to copy the file to the other system -

$ mu scp2 [.ssh2] -

5.) Convert the key from RFC 4716 format to an OpenSSH key file and
appended it to the authorization file -

$ mu ssh/user=childrens -
"ssh-keygen -i -f .ssh/ >> .ssh/authorized_keys2"


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