From: Bob Gezelter

> Does anyone have (or a pointer) to the power and thermal
> specifications for the AlphaStation 200? I would like to check the
> power and cooling vis-a-vis a RZ29B-E (aka Seagate Barracuda ST15150-
> N).

If all you want to know is whether you can use an ST15150N in the
thing, you could go to, and get the specs for it and for
some supported drive(s), and compare them. This is bound to be easier
than trying to find and interpret any thermal specs for an AlpSta 200.

Personally, many years ago, when they were new, I found the ST15150N
(one of the very first Barracuda -- 7200r/m -- drives) to be better for
making toast than for storing data, and, barring physical coercion, I
emphatically would _not_ install one in the very tight interior of an
AlpSta 200. At , we found them overheating and dying within a
year or so in normal external SCSI enclosures, where other older 5400r/m
(Hawk) drives had had no trouble at all. Adding a fan inside the box,
blowing directly onto the top of the disk drive, helped considerably,
but it'd be hard to add such a fan in an AlpSta 200, and there are all
kinds of newer, bigger, faster, cooler SCSI disk drives which I'd use
long before I'd install one of those obsolete furnaces in any equipment
which I wanted to work for more than a few months.

Did I mention that I was not a big fan of the ST15150N (which
definitely _needs_ a big fan)?


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