pos wrote:
> >>70 - Supplier/Partner representatives ready to hawk their wares like any
> >>other trade show
> >>50 - Independant Contractors/Consultants touting for work any chance they
> >>10 - Or so, sponsored extras
> >>60 - The Bait-Ball, representing about 30 real customers who expect to
> >>learn something
> >>10 - Clearners and passers-by making up the numbers

> It is marginal if HP will continue to sponsor (ie pay for) VMS boot camps at
> all in this climate.

Sue can correct me here if I'm in error - the BootCamp is entirely self
supporting, based on what Sue has said in the past. The "tuition" pays
the entire cost of the event (halls, meeting rooms, catering, etc.). As
I understand it, Sue gets zero budget for the event from HP, but
corporate allows the VMS and hardware staff to participate (give
sessions, etc.) on company time.

I don't happen to know what the minimum attendance level would be for
break-even; however, I've yet to see a bootcamp cancelled for lack of

David J. Dachtera
(formerly dba) DJE Systems