pos wrote:

> Take away boot camp and what do you replace it with?

Well that new user group, of course... (what is this week's name again ?)

>VMS is a cash cow for HP:

VMS was a cash cow for Digital. VMS was a cash cow until 2001 for
Compaq. VMS is not a cash cow for HP.

When they murdered Alpha, I suspect that the "cash cow" aspect went away .

And to HP, those expensive plastic containers filled with coloured
alchool are the HP cash cow. VMS is peanuts to HP.

As long as VMS is cash positive, HP will tolerate VMS' continued
existance. But HP has shown that it will not lift a finger to try to
improve VMS' position.

HP, of course, hopes to be able to migrate a certain percentage of VMS
customers over to HP products like Windows or HP-UX.