MultiNet ECO kit announcement

The following ECO kit is now available for MultiNet:

ECO: RPC40-010_A052
Description: Correct decoding of a double from XDR stream
Release date: 3-JUN-2008
Ranking: 3
Max ranking: 3
Versions: V5.2A,V5.1A,V5.0A,V4.4A

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The ECO kit README contents are below.

RPC40-010_A052 - ECO kit Rev 1.0 for MultiNet V5.2 04-June-08

Copyright 2008 Process Software, LLC

This kit updates MultiNet V5.2 Rev A, V5.1A, V5.0A, and V4.4A
with a new version of RPC 4.0 for MultiNet for OpenVMS (VMS/VAX
V5.5-2 and later, VMS/ALPHA V6.1 and later, and VMS/Itanium V8.2
and later).

The ranking for this ECO is 3. The overall ranking for it is 3.

The following changes have been made in this kit, which fixes
a problem previously addressed in eco RPC40-010_A051.

- Returning call to decode a double from the XDR stream
now correctly calculates the double value.

(DE 9894 ECO RPC40-010_A052)
ECO Rank: 3

This kit updates the UCX$RPCXDR_SHR.EXE shareable image.

Install as follows:


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