Hi Richard,

>We have been receiving thousands of failed mail messages, "you are sending
>me spam messages", etc. which result from spam being sent using email
>addresses from our email domain. Some of our users and, alas, several
>senior managers feel put upon by being singled out for this treatment.
>Are there any reasonable and sensible ways to cut down the number of replies
>that come in from forged spam messages?

Tricky. If the responses include the Recieved headers from the message
which pretended to be from your site, you could in theory attempt to check
them for references to your site. I don't think this would be easy to do.
(Step 1: locate the headers from the fake message!)

If the responses are auto-generated you might have better luck.

>My resonse was, "live with it" but I was told that was not a reasonable
>answer and ordered to send this message.

I can sympathise. Some users here get a lot of this sort of stuff too, most
of it auto-gnerated, i.e. non-delivery reports.


Jeremy Begg