My old WEBES software has started sending me e-mail messages
suggesting that I get newer WEBES software, so I sucked down a "WEBES
V50 Kit 1 of Build 146 for OpenVMS Alpha.27-JUN-2007 15:58:35.72" from
the FTP server (twice, because the first time Netscape 3 apparently used
ASCII instead of binary FTP to fetch the thing). It's named
WEBESV50BL146KIT1_Jun-27-2007_OVMSAlp.EXE, so I ran it:

ALP $ pipe show time ; run WEBESV50BL146KIT1_Jun-27-2007_OVMSAlp.EXE ; show time

19-SEP-2007 21:51:58
UnZipSFX 5.32 of 3 November 1997, by Info-ZIP (
19-SEP-2007 21:55:28

Version 5.32? Unless there's some known bug in the current stuff of
which I'm unaware, could we please get into this century? That took
about three and a half minutes.

ALP $ pipe show time ; unzip WEBESV50BL146KIT1_Jun-27-2007_OVMSAlp.EXE ; show ti
19-SEP-2007 21:56:24
19-SEP-2007 21:57:23

That took about one minute (with less disk rattling). Nothing
special, just the current released UnZip version instead of a fossil:

ALP $ unzip -v
UnZip 5.52 of 28 February 2005, by Info-ZIP. Maintained by C. Spieler. Send

I assume that tracking down all the obsolete UnZipSFX programs lying
around at HP would involve some considerable time and effort, but the
net time (and computer resources) saved by the (paying) victims could
easily swamp whatever it took. (And, if you're using a Zip as old as
that UnZipSFX, then the time saved at HP could also be considerable.)

Just a thought.


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