From: "Robert Jarratt"

> %DECW-W-BADVALUE, Free GBLSECTIONS is 244, should be at least 280
> Some SYSGEN parameters must be reset for DECwindows to start. If you type
> YES, AUTOGEN will change these parameters and reboot your system. If you
> type
> NO, AUTOGEN will not run or cause a reboot, but DECwindows will not start.
> Do you want the system to run AUTOGEN for you [YES]?
> If I say yes it goes through a reboot but I get the same prompt again (i.e.
> no change to the parameter). So I ran sysgen and changed that parameter
> myself to 280. When it came up again it said the value was 280, but needed
> to be 600! So I changed it to 600 manually and when it rebooted it said the
> value was 244 and needed to be 280!!!
> How to I get out of this loop?

Follow the procedure (more carefully) which you used the first time,
and set the value to 600 (or higher). Knowing nothing, I'd assume that
you forgot to say "WRITE " the second time.

This is an old problem, and quite annoying, but the work-around is to
set the parameter manually. You just need to do it right (again).


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