Running into yet another obfuscatory brick wall at the HP web site.

Need to verify compatibility of the current Surestore 1/8 (gen 2) SDLT
autoloader with OpenVMS and ABS, and the ability to control the tape
robot from DCL via ABS.

The EBS matrix only lists fiber channel cards for VMS, and no cross
references for tape loaders. The OpenVMS SPD lists the previous
generation 1/8 autoloader but not the gen 2; I could not find any
reference to VMS compatibility on the 1/8 gen 2 page; it sent
references to the EBS, which seems to be pretty useless for VMS.

The VMS tape matrix referenced from the ABS page has totally
contradictory information concerning the previous generation 1/8
autoloader (pre gen 2) where it states both

"Integrity servers do NOT support direct attachment of ANY tape


"*** The 1/8 Autoloader is supported ONLY in a SCSI direct-attach
configuration with AlphaServer systems and Integrity servers. "

No mention of the gen2 device at all.

Telephone pre-sales won't talk to me because its VMS (I think); I'd
bet my call scares off the sales rep they referred me to but we'll

So does anyone know if the gen2 device is supported with VMS on
itanium? And can the robot be properly controlled from DCL or program
by way of the ABS layered product?