I'm sure there must be plenty of information on this topic, but I'm
unable to find any, so I'm asking for a bit of help.

What i want to do, from a program, is supply a URL, and get back an IP
address. Berically the same thing NSLOOKUP does, not as a utility,
but from within a program.

I've got to believe that VMS has a library routine to do this, can't
find it. Can't find anything in the TCP/IP documentation, been
searching the programming manual. Didn't find much in the freeware
either, and that surprised me.

Could someone give me a pointer to some documentation, or existing
code? If an example, one in BASIC would help, since I seem to become
less capable each day.

And I know, ask here, get an answer here, but I don't have newsgroup
access, and would appriciate an E-Mail.