From: Glenn Everhart

> ZIP can easily preserve VMS file characteristics if the "-V" switch
> is used (I generally have to quote the options to get uppercase V to
> Zip).

Quoting continues to work, even when it's not needed.

> This has been working fine for many years. However note: a Zip
> file made this way will store underlying files the way they exist in VMS,
> so if you want to read them on some heathen system that uses streams
> you will need a program to convert the record lengths followed by data into
> delimited records. Remember that odd record lengths get null padded also!

Note, however, that most non-VMS UnZip programs are built by deafult
with "VMS_TEXT_CONV" defined, which should provide some basic text-file
format conversion, so you may find that things just work. The heathen
"zip -v" should mention "VMS_TEXT_CONV" if it's enabled.


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