Release 4.2 of VMS Mosaic is now available at

VMS Mosaic is a GUI web browser. It supports HTML V4.0 (including
tables and frames), animated GIFs, cookies, secure connections, etc.
It does not support Java, JavaScript or style sheets. A C compiler
is required to build it.

Executables built on VAX/VMS (5.4-3 and 7.3), on Alpha VMS (7.3-2
and 8.2) and IA64 (8.2-1) are available at:

These executables are unlikely to work on versions of VMS older than
what they were built on, but they should work on newer versions.

The most significant changes in this release are:

1. Simultaneous inline image loading

2. Support for JPEG 2000 images.

3. Support for a few common JavaScript functions

4. Improved SSL certificate validation plus an updated CERT.PEM

5. Improved FTP support

6. Many bug and memory leak fixes, and improved performance

The complete list of changes since release 4.1:

o Added support for simultaneous inline image downloading
o Added preference settings to enable/disable and limit simultaneous
image downloading
o Added support for JPEG 2000 images with LIBOPENJPEG v1.2.0
o Added support for form button OnClick and anchor URLs containing
JavaScript functions "history.back()", "history.forward()",
"window.close()", "window.print()", "location.reload()",
"openExternal('xxx')" and "alert('xxx')"
o Added support for