I made an inference some time back in this thread that his procedure ran
every day, but only wanted
to do this section on the third Sunday of the month. Hence it checks
every day, but does other stuff
and this only once a month.

Not that everything written about single submits is not helpful....

moroney@world.std.spaamtrap.com (Michael Moroney) wrote on 08/31/2007
11:27:35 AM:

> apogeusistemas@gmail.com writes:
> >Hi:
> >I=B4m looking for a command procedure to send a operator=B4s message
> >if the day is the third sunday in the month.
> >Can you help me ?
> >Thank you.

> A more challenging version of this is, instead of DCL running every day
> checking if today's date is the third Sunday, is some DCL that sets
> a DCL symbol to the date of the (next) third Sunday, so that one can do

> $ SUBMIT/AFTER='DATE and have the submitted code run _only_ on the third

> Sunday.
> A related puzzle I saw a long time ago was DCL that submits a job to
> run on the second to last day of the month, again, without running and
> checking every day.