From: Mark Daniel

> Seriously ... could this have been discovered without asking someone or
> examining the code-base? I can only assume this is not common knowlege
> because I'm sure someone would have pointed it out in over a decade of
> WASD distribution. Of course it's really so trivial that nobody might
> bother. But then the trivial is often grist to the c.o.v. mill :-)

VMS-related Info-ZIP documentation has been, I'd say, somewhat
deficient, which has led me to rewrite some of it, and add more to it.
Sadly, the bulk of the change affects versions which will follow the
current released versions (UnZip 6.0, Zip 3.0). It may be possible to
extract all the facts from the current docs, but I doubt it. However,
the "-h" info is essentially correct. As for "common knowledge", it
seems that over time, a myth has evolved which says that you want to use
"-V" with UnZip if you used it with Zip. It's not (and never was) true,
it's not (and never was) documented that way, but the belief persists.
"Commonly held" and "True" are not synonymous.

> So, as I'm uninterested in versions and am interested in file
> attributes, I can take the "-V" out of the archive restore instructions
> and rely on using it at archive creation.

Sounds right to me. (Only one way to find out.)

Life is _so_ educational. (I hate educational.)

I assume that when the next editions of the Info-ZIP programs emerge,
everyone here will be scouring the documentation, searching for
problems, and suggesting improvements.


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