Dear Newsgroup,

I emailed this a few minutes ago and since the topic of migrations
has come up here I wanted to make sure you were aware of the lab.

Warm Regards as always,

Dear Distribution Lists,

The OpenVMS Group has a wonderful tool in its arsenal that you may not
be aware of. This is the OpenVMS Customer Lab. The Customer Lab has
recently been moved and remodeled so along with an amazing team of
technical resources and new hardware and software the Customer Lab is
open and ready for your use. Enclosed is information about the
customer lab which you will find useful.

If you have additional questions please send email to either Roxanne
Young ( or John Egolf (

Congratulations to the Customer Lab Team.

Warm Regards,

OpenVMS Customer Lab

The OpenVMS Customer Lab is located in Nashua, New Hampshire, at the
HP Spit Brook Road facility. The lab is a dedicated lab that offers a
secure application-testing environment. It is designed to provide
OpenVMS partners, ISV's, and customers access to the cutting edge
technology developed by Hewlett-Packard and the OpenVMS Engineering
Group. With access to hardware, software, and engineering resources
for pre-scheduled amounts of time, guests are able to stage their
applications in a controlled environment before going live in their
own production environments.

Typical engagements include...

Porting to Integrity - Create a side by side environment of your Alpha
and Integrity configuration and have the experts close by to assist as
needed to answer your questions and look over your shoulder

Validation of solutions on new hardware or a new version of the
operating system - will my solution work as expected on the new
platform? How about mixed architecture clusters?

Performance characterization - how will my solution perform on an 8P
system? 16P, 32P or 64P system? How does memory effect performance?

Proof of Concept - configure an environment that closely resembles the
actual desired configuration and validate solution before purchasing

OpenVMS Porting Workshops

We offer, to qualified customers and partners, a 2-3 day workshop
where you can bring all your sources, build files, data files, etc.
We will provide an Integrity Server for your use and assist you in the
porting of your code to OpenVMS Integrity. The workshops, provided in
Nashua NH, make use of the vast OpenVMS engineering expertise
available for assistance. We have had many successes with this
program and customers have walked away after only 2 days with their
solution completely ported from Alpha to Integrity.