From: rtk

> $$$ mount dka0:
> $$$ mount/foreign mka300:

BACKUP should do that second one for you, but it's harmless.

> $$$ backup/image/verify dka0: mka300:22_aug_07.bck/save_set
> and it appears to be working, though I'm not sure this is exactly what
> I want. I got an error about the tape label and chose the OVERWRITE
> option. Doing this:
> $$$ backup/image/verify dka0: mka300:
> save me an error about requiring a save set name.

Yes, it would. "/save_set" is the default for tape, so you could
omit that. (Date strings like "2007-08-22" sort better than ones like
"22_aug_07".) A /LABEL qualifier would prevent the label complaint, but
if you're doing it manually, it's easy enough to say "O". The label is
limited to six characters, so if your saveset name is something like
"F07822.BCK" (or if you specify the label explicitly), you can get
(almost) the whole date encoded into the tape label (hexadecimal month,
of course), with "F" for "Full" or "I" for "Incremental" as a bonus.
(Or was that "I" for "Image", ...?)

> But, if I need to
> restore my system disk at some future point I should be able to do it
> from the save set after booting the Hobbyist CD, correct?

That's the idea. (What could go wrong? Only one way to find out.)


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