From: JF Mezei

> From a MAC, I ftp to a vms box, and then issue:

Is that anything like a "Mac[intosh]"? Running what? A VMS system
running what? (How long does it take to learn how to ask a question?)

> SEND ~/Desktop/VT500_parser.png
> The file that gets created on VMS is:
> _Users_JFMEZEI_Desktop_vt500_parser.png;1
> Would it be correct to state that it is the MAC's fault for not removing
> path information from the filename being sent to the remote FTP server ?

No, it would be correct to blame yourself. The FTP programs are
doing what you asked (to the extent possible). If you want no path
info, don't ask for it. For example:

put ~/Desktop/VT500_parser.png VT500_parser.png
cd ~/Desktop
put VT500_parser.png

If you ask to send "/Users/JFMEZEI/Desktop/vt500_parser.png", then you
should expect to see something like that at the other end. "Do what I
want, not what I said," is not realistic in this context.


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