While researching my troubles with Reflection and my LK461 keyboard,
I saw a post from John Malmberg complaining about font troubles with

I was having similar problems under Reflection-X V10.0.0 (I think
his was V6.x). I solved it by doing the following:

1) On my VMS system, I ZIP'd Sys$Common:[Sysfont.Decw.*] to get
grab all the .PCF font files (I got some other files as well,
but not to worry). Don't use any switches for ZIP.

2) FTP'd the ZIP file to my PC.

3) I created a new directory tree for the fonts on my PC (best to
leave the Reflection/X/font tree intact) and UNZIP'd the files
to that tree. I chose to put them under

"My Documents\Reflection\Fonts\Decw\100dpi",


4) Some, but not all, of the [Sysfont.Decw.*] directories include
"alias" files named something like DECW$FONT_ALIAS*.DAT. These
will be in the ZIP file, but in the wrong file format. FTP back
to your VMS system (for this handful of files) and do an ASCII
transfer to your PC. On the PC, in the corresponding directory,
name each file "fonts.ali".

5) In Reflection X, under Settings -> Fonts, change the "Base Directory"
for the font files to wherever you put them in (3). In my case,
that would be "My Documents\Reflection\Fonts\Decw".

6) There should be a Make Font Directory button. Click on that, then
"Browse" to each subdirectory that contains PCF files and click on
the Make Font Directory button. This will create a "fonts.dir"
file in each subdirectory you Browse to.

7) Change the list of fonts to specify the subdirectory names under
your new Decw tree.

That's it. No more problems with DECterm fonts. :-) :-)


P.S. I suppose if you needed any of the Sun, or IBM, etc., fonts,
you'd need to do a bit more. Basically, just copy those from
the Reflection installation to a subdirectory of the same name
under the Decw tree, then add the subdirectory to the font list.
Ken & Ann Fairfield
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