At my new place of employment, I'm using a "standard" PC running
Windows XP/SP2 and using "Reflection for Unix and Digital" V10.0
(telnet) and/or "Reflection X" (DECterms, etc.) V10.0.0 to get to
our VMS systems.

I'm using and LK461-A2 keyboard on the PC, just as I've done for
the past 6 years in a couple of other environments going back
to Windows 2000 Professional.

I'm having the following problems:

Reflection-X v10.0.0:

1) Using selecting the LK450 key map, the KP-Minus and KP-Comma
are swapped (most easily demonstrated by a SHOW KEY in EVE)
so I've had to make customized key map to swap them back.
Not serious, but in the interest of completeness...

2) I'm unable to DISABLE NumLock: if I use PF1 in DECterm and EVE,
PF1 is transmitted to the DECterm but it *also* toggles the
numeric keypad! As a result, until I press PF1 a second time,
the numeric keypad is all fouled up!!!

Reflection for Unix and Digital v10.0:

3) Again using the LK450 key map, Reflection fails to respond to
any of the following keys:

F13, F14, Help, Do, F17, KP-Minus

In EVE, doing a SHOW KEY and pressing any of those keys does
*nothing*. They're "dead" keys, nothing transmitted to the host.

Note: PF1 works just fine and doesn't toggle NumLock like
Reflection-X does.


A) Has anyone else encountered this in Reflection V10? If so,
how did you fix it?

B) The Attachmate web site indicates there's a "fix" for
(unspecified) problems using LK450, LK461 or LK462 keyboards
in Reflection 10: a downloadable keyboard driver for Windows.
But you need a support contract to get at it (I'm working on
that, but...). Have any of you tried that driver?

C) Is there any way to completely disable the NumLock function
of PF1 in Reflection X (short of the replacement keyboard

I'd ask Attachmate, but their support seems to be restricted to those
with an active support contract, or VPA (volume purchase agreement).
We're pretty sure we have a VPA, but tracking down the paperwork is
going to be difficult. :-( Also, I'm pretty sure they'd simply say
"upgrade" before working the problem...

Oh, and this is a non-profit organization that has to keep costs to
the minimum, so all the PC's are cookie-cutter configurations and
they won't want an odd-ball version installed on my desktop...nor
could I justify the cost of new software.

Thanks, Ken

P.S. For the previous 6 years, I used various LK46x keyboards on
various versions of W2K and WXP using KEA! and Exceed and
*never* had these problems! Is it just the old version of
Reflection??? People here seem to have been so positive about
this product over the years, but it's giving me headaches!

Ken & Ann Fairfield
What: Ken dot And dot Ann
Where: Gmail dot Com