On Tue, 26 Jun 2007 19:45:37 -0000, ja wrote:

>How many people would be interested in running gSOAP on OpenVMS, Alpha
>or Integrity?
>Of those, how many would want to:
>1. use OpenVMS as a Web Service client from any native language
>2. use OpenVMS as a Web Service server from any native language
>3. both of the above
>gSOAP is an Open Source initiative. We have ported it to OpenVMS 8.3
>on Alpha and Integrity as a midnight hack (nothing better to do...).
>Cheers, John

What do you mean by ported to OpenVMS I have been using gSOAP on
OpenVMS for a couple of years now and it has not required any source
changes to work ? When you compile the stub (stdsoap2.cpp) and your
generated proxy files you need to defines for forcing use of new
iostreams (__USE_STD_IOSTREAM) and use of C++ requires the use the
6.5-046 compiler or later earlier versions can have problems. You will
the compile of stdsoap2.cpp to make it shut up about some warnings
that don't matter.

What I have not done is built the two precompilers wsdl2h.exe and
soapcpp2.exe on OpenVMS. I run the PC binaries and upload the proxy
files have you rebuilt the executables on OpenVMS ? If prebuilt
versions the precompilers were built on a suitable old version of
OpenVMS say 7.2 something and placed on the gSOAP web site this would
be of service to people using gSOAP on OpenVMS (alpha version please).

I am currently working on a project talking to WebShpere 6.0 using
gSOAP sending WS-Security OASIS 1.1 envelopes and it works fine.