John Reagan wrote:
> FredK wrote:
>> I found this an interesting read:
>> http://www.valuesearchfunds.com/user...y_Oct_2005.pdf

> Awesome!

Very interesting indeed.

It brings back memories of my Honours Computer Science project back in 1983.
I wanted to write a cross-development system for the TMS9900
microprocessor (running on a VAX) but my supervisor said that wasn't
"research" so instead I wrote something I called "The Universal Assembler".
The idea was that a control file defined the syntax & semantics of a given
microprocessor assembler language, and my program would generate correct
machine code for an assemply-language program for that microprocessor. I
got it to work (more or less) but concluded in my thesis that it was "an
essentially useless piece of software" :-)

On a more recent note, and not unrelated to this thread, I've recently had
to do some work with SDL for the first time ever (in over 20 years of VMS).
(This is only possible because SDL is on the Freeware CD-ROM.) Not
having used it before I went to print out the documentation but SDL.MEM
doesn't work so well on an HP laser printer. (That's Runoff for you!)

So for the past few weeks I've been converting it into DECwrite and now I
have a much prettier version to print out. (I have a DECwrite template
already prepared for producing manuals -- and DECwrite seemed so much more
appropraite than M$ Word!)

Unfortunately it seems the SDL documentation as provided in SDL.MEM hasn't
been updated in 20 years either, so my DECwrite document will probably get a
few home-grown revisions along the way.


Jeremy Begg
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