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>> AEF wrote:

>>> Since the outcome of fighting
>>> them would likely result in a crash landing, killing all, it would be
>>> the hijackers.

>> Oh, yeah right. They'll just land the plane, put everyone off, then take off
>> again to go commit their heinous acts.

> History shows most airplane hijackings did not result in the death of all the
> passengers. If you were one of the few Israelis (or sometimes Americans) on
> a flight containing lots of other nationalities then you had more to fear since
> you might end up at the head of the list being threatened with being shot to
> demonstrate the seriousness of the hijackers demands. But otherwise you were
> probably in more danger after the plane landed ie if the plane was stormed
> in an attempt to rescue you.
> Upto 9/11 plane hijackers didn't tend to be suicidal - just willing to die if
> necessary.
> Although the US government had had reports in the late 90s about the
> possibility of planes being crashed into buildings the public had no such
> knowledge.

That is the crux of the matter.

For quite a few years, Islamists had been blowing themselves up
individually, killing/maiming dozens in restaurants/markets/etc.

It was a foreseeable and obvious escalation to marry suicide bombing
with air hijacking.

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