Info-VAX recently disgorged this:

From: David Webb

> > I'd be happier if TCPIP always logged the IP address, instead of
> >[...]

> I think you want
> TCPIP> disable service ssh
> TCPIP> set service ssh /log=noaddr
> TCPIP> enable service ssh

Perhaps. I'll see. I believe that all my services say "Log Opts:
[...] Addr", which sure sounded like what I wanted. Thanks for the

> From help in TCPIP services
> TCPIP> help set service/log
> [...]
> [...]
> [NO]ADDRESS For auxiliary server messages and OpenVMS
> security events, the message displays the
> IP address as a host name. If host names are
> not relevant, HP recommends that you specify
> [...]

This, by the way, ranks among the most lame explanations of anything
which I have ever read. First, I would (and did) expect ADDRESS to give
me the address, and NOADDRESS not to give me the address. Second, what
does it mean to "specify [NO]ADDRESS"? Who writes this dreck? (It's
the same with "HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Industry Standard 64
Version V5.6 on an HP rx2600 (1.40GHz/1.5MB) running OpenVMS V8.3" on
td183, by the way.)


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