In article <12d5c$46a63056$cef8887a$20066@TEKSAVVY.COM>, JF Mezei writes:
> The USA domestic political issues are more or less irrelevant here.
> Whether they have enough resources on the ground in Iraq or not is not
> the issue. The issue is that the USA military is the one that makes the
> decisions in Iraq. It is USA military policy that USA military answers
> to nobody but itself when abroad. (aka: USA would not send troups on a
> mission that was not lead by an american).

The US has military troops under foreign command right now. There
have been political noises made about such things but only when
it was obvious enough to get media attention.

The US has been supplying troops for joint efforts with allies
for a long, long time without the expectation that the CO will
always happen to be American.