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> >> I would wager that after many days of creating and deleting DCL symbols, the
> >> pool is too fragmented to allocate enough space to create some symbol and it
> >> is this that is causing you to get the:

> >
> >That sounds logical, since the job a) runs for long times (actually, it
> >runs forever, unless it crashes, at which time it is resubmitted) and b)
> >doesn't define many symbols.
> >
> >I suppose there is nothing to do but resubmit it when it crashes (this
> >is already done automatically).
> >
> >Is it more likely to run into this problem on VAX or on ALPHA?

> It is all dependent upon the size of the pool (SYSGEN: CLISYMTBL).

That's at the same, maximum, size on all nodes.

> If I have the procedure still lying about and if you download SYMBOL, you
> can see this in action. Let me know if it's of interest.

Thanks, I'll look into it when I have time. However, I don't think the
problem can be avoided, and the solution (automatic restart) is simple,
so it has low priority now.