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> > I don't suppose there's any way to email Senators and Reps? There's a little
> > irony that savenetradio.org does not have that alternative, but instead urges
> > concerned folks to *call* their legislators. :-)
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> I'm sure there's a way to E-mail legislators. A little work with Google
> might even turn up appropriate addresses for YOUR legislators.
> Don't expect too much however. Your legislators may never even see your
> well reasoned arguments. One of my uncles served five terms in the
> House of Representatives 1965-1975. I visited him once and saw how his
> mail was handled. He got more than he could possibly read himself. His
> staff opened and read the mail and maybe kept a for and against tally
> for the current "hot button" issues. Everybody who wrote got a polite
> and meaningless reply. He had something like a "DECWriter" with a paper
> tape reader and paper tapes for the standard "form letters". His staff
> were really good at forging his signature.

If you visit the house and senate sites (senate.gov and house.gov, I
believe) most of them have an online contact page for constituents to
use. Many also state that snail mail will be delayed due to extra
processing occurring since the anthrax attacks back in 2001 and that
the online form is the 'preferred' method.

Both of my Senators are pretty bad, but one of them has an excellent
staff; I've always received responses relevant to what I wrote within
7-10 days (the other one, the true cretin, takes months, sends
irrelevant boilerplate responses or even sends thank you for agreeing
notes even when my contacts are extremely critical of his positions;
he's a lock-in so obviously doesn't give a damn about anyone who
disagrees with him).

So calls are OK but the online contact form _MAY_ be worth
considering, depending on the quality of your rep and their staff.