On Jul 17, 3:32 pm, "Neil Rieck" wrote:
> What's up with Google - Groups today (07.07.17) ???http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.vms
> It's now been unavailable for more than 6 hours.

Google admits to having a problem:

Read the top thread. Heck, read as many as you want;-)

Seems to be a few problems around the 'net. Fasthosts.co.uk has had
outage problems, I see. Checking Speakeasy.net/speedtest on the 17th &
18th I had results that varied from full speed to extremely slow for
the various servers.

The deathrow problem was noted. Even the openvms.org's forums were
down last I looked. Don't know how or if any of this is related, but
it sure looks like there are some "Disaster Proof" sales opportunities
around the net.

(If this posts twice, sorry. If it doesn't post at all, oh well.)