On Jul 18, 4:19 am, "hanblo {at} netscape.net"
> Hello,
> I'm, running OpenVMS 7.3-2 on a ES47 with 4 CPUs and 16Gb of memory.
> I have a problem (+) with processes, both application user processes
> and
> TCPIP$FTPC##### processes.
> All of a sudden they go into MUTEX wait. Not too long, but long enough
> for me
> so see it and to get curious. The PCB EFWM mask says LNM$AQ_MUTEX.

This can also happen if the quotas for the TCPIP$FTP username are set
to low if you have lots of simultaneous FTP jobs...out TQELM was set
to low, so basically we set it at twice the limit of the FTP jobs
allowed and our MWAITS went away. This was with TCPIP Services 5.1;
this may have changed since then.