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Thread: AWK for I64

  1. AWK for I64

    Hello !

    Is there something way to use AWK on i64 platform ?

  2. Re: AWK for I64

    onidin wrote:

    > Is there something way to use AWK on i64 platform ?

    Yes, awk and gawk ports can and do exist for OpenVMS I64, as do perl,
    php, python, tcl/tk, tar, gzip, zip and unzip, and various other common
    tools and languages.

    Pointers to many of the Unix tools are in the Frequently Asked
    Questions (FAQ), as are discussions of many of the common questions.
    The master OpenVMS FAQ is available at:

    Take a look at the awk and gawk ports that are available on the
    Freeware , or particularly take
    a look at the GNV environment -- GNV is a free downloaded installation
    kit from HP, and contains a large pile of common tools and utilities.

    I'll look at tweaking the wording of the FAQ to make it easier to
    find the gawk and awk stuff for next time.

    Services for OpenVMS

  3. Re: AWK for I64

    I've made a few enhancements to gawk for VMS. The most significant one
    probably that I've got gawk's support for user-written extensions
    working on VMS. The other things I've done are merely tiny
    enhancements like using the current C RTL for functions which were
    missing or broken in older VMS C RTL's and hence had replacement
    routines in the VMS port of gawk.

    My slightly VMS tuned build of gawk passes all but four or five mostly
    Unix-related tests in the gawk test suite, so I'm confident I haven't
    screwed anything up.

    Now that I have an Alpha at home I hope to be able to make these
    changes available to anyone who wants them. I'll certainly mention
    that here on c.o.v if/when it happens.

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